About Joyetech
Joyetech was founded in 2007.Since that time, Joyetech has been concentrating on brand development. Through constant research and development in new technologies and products, Joyetech is heading toward leader status in the e-cigarette industry due to its high-end technology. With rich experience and knowledge, Joyetech offers competitive and reliable service to promote the brand image, which in-turn has a profound influence on the whole industry. Innovations in research and development provide the best returns for our customers while at the same time providing the inspiration for our further development.
Through great management, talented and forward-thinking engineers, high-quality products and first-class customer service, Joyetech aims to provide the world's best vapor experience. To our delight, we have earned a great reputation all around the world. We believe that based on honest business practices and stable development, Joyetech can be all you want. Our goal is that everyone has a great experience with Joyetech, in accordance with our slogan, "Joy Life with E Technology".
Humanistic Management 
Joyetech employs a"people-oriented" management idea as well as an open-style working environment. Our workmates tend to be more positive and at the same time, more efficient under this comfortable and friendly atmosphere. We see ourselves as a "team of individuals," focusing on the strengths of each individual while acting as a team to make up for weaknesses. Here at Joyetech, we're a family.
Talent Strategies

It is well-known to Joyetech that talents are the source of enterprise competitiveness. In order to make full use of employees' abilities, Joyetech recognizes talents as wealth, utilizes everyone's value, respects their professional knowledge and treasures their moralities, abilities and merits, maximizing the common interest between our staff.
Operation Philosophy
Quality and customer service are the decisive factors in any enterprise's future. With that in mind, Joyetech implements the policy: "Customer first, Quality first". We build the Joyetech brand with high quality products and trustworthy customer service. We believe that innovation is the soul of development and paves the way for the creative innovation that you find in our products.
Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is the main pursuit of Joyetech. If you're happy, we're happy. We are dedicated to trying our best to satisfy the requirements of every customer, whether it be to troubleshoot issues with a product, or replace a product entirely. Our customer service can be summed up in the words of one of our customers: "unexpectedly good.


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