• Give vape a chance

You are about to purchase an electronic device that is not quite as plug-and-play as your cell phone, and some eliquids that will taste differently once you are at home. Give vaping some serious alone time. You should try different kits and taste lots of liquids. Still, you probably won´t find your ideal gear or your favourite juices on your first visit to your first shop. Vaping is highly personal experience and only you can tune it. It is key not to stress nor put yourself under any kind of pressure, which would push you back into the arms of your tobacconist. Whatever you do, congratulate yourself on every unsmoked cigarette. A good morale booster is this customizable ticker on displaying real time unsmoked cigarettes and money saved:


  • Find the right shop

You must feel at home in your shop. Salespeople should be good teachers who can give you all the time you need. To tell a vape lovers´ shop from a money making machine, look out for these key points. There should be re-buildable atomizers and mods on offer - even if you don´t care right now, they are a sign very serious vapers will come here and ask pointed questions. Shelves should boast at least a few national and US brands of eliquids, all of which must be available on testers, and you should be able to taste each juice twenty-seven times without anyone getting antsy. Lastly, references should be regularly refreshed and you should be able to find new items each month.


  • Find the right gear

You need to assess whether you need a second hand Smart for a five-mile commute or BMW 5 series sedan for your 150-miles daily route. In other words, heavy former smokers will need at least a high-capacity battery and some serious airflow on their clearomizer, while a slim ecig will prove enough for those with smaller needs. Steer clear of products made by the tobacco industry, as they are engineered to be unsatisfactory and unpleasant enough to make you relapse. And whatever you do, don’t go too fast! Are you jealous of those huge clouds and gorgeous engraved tubes? You´ll get there, but not just yet. Acquiring gear as advanced as this implies you understand and are ready to apply a few laws of physics. Batteries have very little sense of humour and will explode in your hand if you are being silly. You will learn fast, and eventually produce some impressive clouds once you transition to a sub ohm kit.


  • Find the right liquids

That’s a tough one to wrap one´s head around: your culinary tastes have no bearing on the vaping flavours you´ll enjoy. One may dislike eating pastries and vape nothing but custard. Be ready to be surprised. And warned: your vaping likes and dislikes will evolve in a matter of months. You´ll end up hating your former favourites. Start with a few different liquids, for instance a dessert, a fruit and a tobacco or a mint. Switch frequently to avoid boredom. And pay regular visits to your favourite shop to discover new tastes.



  • Handle the nicotine issues

It is the key not to start with too low of a nicotine ratio. You might, when you first start vaping, find you will cough, and blame the nicotine - but it is actually the PG (Propylene Glycerol) tickling your throat. Not enough nicotine is a sure way to go back to analog presto. Learn to vape, drawing slow long puffs, not unlike on a water pipe. Vape often as nicotine will need an hour to get into your system, as oppose to five minutes for a regular cigarette. In time, your body will tell you when to lower your nicotine ratio.  A smooth decrease is the road to successful quitting.


  • Clean up your gear

Less taste? Altered taste? Smaller puffs? It´s probably time to change your coil head every week or so. And even maybe give your atties and batteries a good once-over. Dunk atties in a solution of bicarb or washing liquid in hot water, leave for an hour, rinse well, and dry very well. Clean metal parts with whatever your grand mum used for door handles. You will find that clean gears improves both vaping power (as it improves conductivity) and taste.


  • You are not alone

As Fox Mulder or Michael Jackson might have said!

Leaks? Gurgles? Disconcerting issues of all shapes and sizes? Remember that many a thousand people before you have met the same issues. Ask your favourite shop for the date of the next meet/event, as they are brilliant opportunities to ask questions, handle new gear and try new juices. Find online tutorials. Subscribe to forums or vaping groups on social networks. The vaping community is mostly welcoming and helpful. Stop vaping all by your lonesome and share the load.


  • Deal with consequences

Vaping may induce coughing and dry mouth sensation. Coughing should subside after a few days. Drink regularly, as vaping seriously dehydrates the mouth. No change? Try liquids in different PG/VG  ratios as some people react adversely to the high amount of propylene glycerol (PG) contained in the cheaper eliquids. If your gums are bleeding, it´s not because vapor is hot, ask your dentist for the appropriate toothpaste. Evening headaches are a sure sign of too much nicotine. Buy the same eliquids in various nicotine ratios and vape light in the evening. Most reactions to vaping are innocuous, but never hesitate to consult a doctor. And note the positive signs, among which are a brighter complexion, more powerful lungs and sharper taste buds!


  • Keep an eye out

Even if you have simple needs, go ahead and try new stuff. A different clearomizer may totally change the taste of your favourite liquid or produce a different kind of vaping pleasure. New gear is usually powerful and will keep you clear of former bad habits. You might also want to assemble a cellar of e-liquids to keep your taste buds on their toes. Variety is the key to success….


  • Repeat the Mantra




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