eGrip II by Joyetech


The eGrip II made by Joyetech is a stylish, compact and powerful All-In-One device. 

Why would anyone want an eGrip II?

Firstly it is a stylish looking device and it's size is so compact which makes it super easy to carry around with you when on the go.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing nature of this device, it's specifications are impressive offering 80 watts output; Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, Bypass and TCR modes.

The convenience of the eGrip II can't be overlooked, with a built in tank of 3.5ml capacity it holds an impressive volume, limiting the amount of daily refills required. Which leads onto the actual refilling which is very easy, as is installing a new coil. Removing the top cap will give access to the juice well and coil. The coil easily screws on and off the top cap and filing the tank couldn't be easier due to the wide mouth - accommodating anything from tiny nozzle to bulbous dropper. 



The eGrip II is relatively leak-free because it uses the same coil system as Joyetech's AIO device the eGrip will greatly reduce the possibility of leakage with the slight exception of leaving the device upside down (with the mouthpiece facing down) for prolonged periods of time - gravity may take effect in this incidence. 

As built-in battery compact devices go, the eGrip II offers very respectable battery life of 2100 mAh. It is charged using micro usb which also helps ease waiting times.

One of the best features the eGrip II boasts (as do a lot of Joyetech devices) is the excellent OLED screen display. It is exceptionally clear and nicely illuminated to aid reading the settings and navigating the menu screens.


A curious inclusion is the 'Atomizer Adapter', at first you may wonder why include it all but the fact is, you may wish to use other atomizers (especially an RDA), whether that is right away or further down the vaping road so having this piece of kit is very welcome and adds to the durability of the eGrip II. 

Other features of the eGrip II include: multiple indicator light colour options, real time clock display, custom logo and game mode.

Overall the eGrip II by Joyetech offers superb vaping options with 80w capability, temp control modes and the atomizer adapter. It is perfect for people on the go, discreetly take it to work or an event and enjoy the power and style it exudes.


  • 1x eGrip II
  • 1X NOTCH COIL - 0.25ohm DL
  • 1x BF SS316 coils - 0.5ohm DL
  • 1x BF Clapton - 1.5ohm MTL
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Quick Start & Warranty Card
  • 1x Atomizer adapter


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