Kangertech - DripBox & DripBox 160 TC Starter Kit

 The Kanger Dripbox Starter Kit is an all-in-one squonk box.



The Kanger DripBox 160 Temperature Control Starter Kit is a more advanced version of it's all-in-one squonking predecessor.


What is a squonk box?

It's the colloquial name used by the vaping community for a bottom-feeder mod fitted with a specialized RDA which allows e-liquid to be administered to the coils via an open channel in the shaft of the 510 connection. So rather than dripping e-liquid onto the RDA’s coils from the top, liquid is held in a plastic bottle inside the mod and the user can squeeze the bottle to force e-liquid up into the RDA to saturate the coils. It's dripping without the hassle of actual dripping.


Why would anyone want a squonk box?

As mentioned above, carrying around a bottle of e-liquid to constantly drip into your atomizer can often be inconvenient and even messy. Having a 7ml bottle of juice discreetly stashed in your mod will not only alleviate the inconvenience but also save on space. 

For those looking to get into dripping (for the first time) will find the DripBox incredibly straight-forward to operate and easy to achieve a great vaping experience. More advanced users will enjoy the fun of squonking if they have not yet tried it and with the 160w Temperature Control version they can take full control over every aspect of the vape from adjusting settings to installing a multitude of various rebuilds with an assortment of different wire.


The original DripBox requires one 18650 battery to operate and is non-adjustable, meaning it will put the correct amount of power to the coils installed in the Subdrip RDA. 



1 x Dripmod Box
1 x Subdrip Dripper
1 x Replacement Drip Coil (0,2 ohms)
1 x Accessory Pack
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

The DripBox 160 TC requires 2x 18650 batteries to operate and has adjustable settings with a max output of 160 watts.


1 x Dripmod Box TC 160W
1 x Subdrip 160 Dripper
1x DIY Drip Base
1 x Replacement Drip Coil Kanthal
1 x Accessory Pack
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual


    If you want to order either of these products click here: DripBox


    Please Remember:

    Although these are "Starter Kits" that does not mean they are suitable for absolute beginners, some knowledge of coils and coil building is required and a familiarity with ohm's law is preferential. 



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